Szkoła średnia
w Niemczech

na rok, semestre lub 2 - 3 miesiące

Państwowe Szkoły w Niemczech

GLS nie wyśle Cię do szkoły "gdzieś" w Niemczech - z GLS masz możliwość pójścia do szkoły w naprawdę interesujących miejscach takich jak Berlin, Brema lub Bayreuth (Google map). Wybór należy do Ciebie!

Warunki przyjęcia

The requirements for day schools are:

Included: Starter Weekend in Berlin

We welcome more than 100 exchange students every year. They all start their adventure in BERLIN


Prices 2017

DurationStartState schools & host familyPrivate day schools***
2 monthsanytime4.000 €3.500 €
3 monthsanytime5.250 €4.500 €
4 monthsanytime6.200 €5.200 €
5 monthsFEB or AUG7.150 €5.900 €
11 monthsFEB or AUG12.650 €9.900 €15.400

* select: you can select a a city, i.e. Berlin, Bayreuth, Bremen, Koblenz, Nürnberg, Minden
** classic: no choice of city or region, we place you according to availability 
*** At the moment we cooperate with only one private day school in Berlin: see the profile


  • starter weekend in Berlin for those starting in FEB or SEP
  • placement at a high school in Germany
  • accommodation, full board (single room with host family or boarding)
  • supervision and support by a member of GLS staff
  • a certificate of attendance, issued by the German high school
  • 2 GLS reports per year, 1 per semester
  • transfer from the nearest airport or station to accommodation
  • letter of invitation for visa application

Additional services for students attending a high school in Berlin:

Not included are:

  • pocket money - ca. Euro 150 - Euro 200 per month
  • books and course material, bus or metro tickets to school
  • insurance (liability, medical, accident, personal items, cancellation): 10 EUR/week - obligatory
  • preparatory German language course (necessary if your German level is below A2: more)

About the Schools

All schools are Gymnasien = a type of secondary school that leads up to university and is reserved for very good students. Ca. 30 % of German students attend this type of secondary school (more about Gymnasien in Germany). If you book the select program, you can select the city (i.e. Berlin, Bayreuth, Bremen), but not a specific school. To give you an idea what the schools look like, below the websites of 2 schools, that cooperate with GLS:

About the host families

All families have been inspected by GLS. Some families have sons and daughters, who do an exchange program as well: While their kids go to school in Canada, France or Argentina, they are happy to welcome an exchange student going to school in Germany. The families live within easy reach of the school that you attend. They provide a single room and full board. More about host families in the FAQ section