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Agency of the month: February | 2019

Agency: AILS (F)
Name: Chanaëlla Lezoma
From: Paris, France

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Since when do you work with GLS? How did it start?

3 or four year ago, we met at ICEF Berlin

Please describe your agency

In Switzerland AILS S.A. has 2 offices. In Belgium AILS Belgium SPRL has one office in Bruxelles. In France AILS France SARL has 5 offices

Why do your clients book Berlin (and not other places in Germany)?

Berlin is popular and the city is great.

What was the last time you met GLS staff? On a fair, a roadshow...?

ICEF  Berlin 2016

Your impression of Berlin, especially the GLS district Prenzlauer Berg?

I like the city and the district is great

What do you like/dislike about GLS?

We like the quality of the school and the service provided.